The FIA POPnetserver family of (NAS) network attached storage appliances are designed to be the best value storage appliances for small businesses, departments or workgroups. They offer incremental storage, quick and easy installation, high scalability, cross platform file sharing, web-based administrator, and improved uptime at a lower cost per megabyte, as compared to most competitively priced and configured storage systems.

Feature Highlights

  • Ultra-slim design is built to optimize space, and packs more power per square inch
  • Plug and Play Installation is achieved in less than 5 minutes and 2 mouse clicks
  • Greater Storage Expansion optimizes storage capacity with a maximum of 480 Gigabytes
  • Availability provides redundant hot-swappable components allowing you to add or change drives without taking the system off line
  • Reliability in dedicated NAS reduces the risk of failure, while data redundancy enhances the stability of added storage
  • Greater expansion offers 16TB in a 40U height rackmount
  • File Sharing supports all major protocols for mixed Apple, NT & UNIX environments
  • Web-based Administration, a real-time network monitor allows you to manage information status remotely
  • Uptime significantly reduces the time it takes to manage a network, improving applications server performance




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On3 Digital Media Player and Library

POPnetserver On3

POPnetserver 2000 (3 Drives)

POPnetserver 2000

POPnetserver 4500 (4 Drives + Hot Swap + dual 10/100 Ethernet LAN)

POPnetserver 4500

POPnetserver 8000 (Double data throughput + 2 Gigabytes + 8 hot swap drives)

POPnetserver 8000

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