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Advanced Logistic Reserch (ALR) Inc, has made a place for itself in the Personal computer industry by providing cutting edge technology at budget saving value. In 1986, ALR was the first company to introduce a 386- Powered system to the PC marketplace. In 1987, ALR also became the first manufacturer to deliver this technology for under US$2000.-

Since then, ALR has brought a number of additional breakthroughs to the PC marketplace. Including advanced cache designs, the industry’s most cost-effecive processor upgrade path, and the first low-cost EISA and i486 based systems, we are also the only PC manufacturer to offer a full line of computers based around the 286,386, i486, Pentium I, Pentium II, Pentium III, Pentium IV, as well as compatibility with The ISA,PCI and 64 bit PCI bus architectures.

With such a atrong emphasis on both performance and value, it’s no wonder that our systems have received a multitude of prestigious product awards. Take a few moments to browse through this information, and you’ll see the results of our commitment to innovative technology and customer satistfaction.

Gateway inc., in North Xious, South Dakota, U.S.A. one of the best direct mail order PCs in the U.S.A. emphasize on the Quality You Can Count on.

Product quality starts with our rigorous supplier Certification programme. We put a great deal of emphasis on supplier Certification because we understand that quality starts with the components we use. Qur quality comitment continues internally. Each Gateway computer is custom-build to client's order with concern for detail at every step. Our manufactured and inspected, Software in installed and quality is tested. The result is a quality PC that repeatedly receives editorial honours and top ratings.

At Gateway, we also realize that no computer - no matter how advanced - can address every organizational need. So Gateway offers a full range of investment. We can equip your Server with add-ons like printers and networrk attached storage systems. We have technical support personel that are trained to help novices navigate through common issues and serious technical support specialist who are specifically trained to handle the more complex needs of business.


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On3 Digital Media and Library

- automobile (can use in your car)
- keep dvd more than 30 movies
- keep mp3 more than 50,000 musics
- use for external storage (80, 120 gb)
- many features ...