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Corporate Business Objectives

T.C.L. focuses it business activities on the following three areas:
   1) Sales and Marketing of Microcomputers
   2) Computer Consultant Hardware and Software 
   3) Microcomputer Service and Maintenance
   4) Rental of Computer and Accessories

Sales and Marketing of Microcomputers: 
TCL selling PCs from Advanced Logictic Reserch (ALR) in Sanclemete, 
California, U.S.A. which is consistently develops microcomputer systems that l the industry in performance and value. ALR is regular winner of industry awards from such magazines as PC magazine, PC World, BYTE and major leading of IT Magazines. Our Manager Director, Viraj Sangveraphunsiri has played the key role by Creating the market thru channel not only in Bangkok but all over Thailand. Also responsible for all Sales, software and support issues, and has the experience to company out these dutied promptly and professionally. 

Computer Consultant: 
TCL provides the Computer Solution both hardware and Software to suite for 
the Small, Medium Enterprise or large organization. TCL will assist with the Professional staffs to help customer to utilize PCs to solve the business problem.

Support and Maintenance:
In order to deliver the best of breed solutions, we have acquired strong Systems 
Integration, Project Management, and Systems Support expertise. a Systems Support Centre operated by a group of support engineers has been set up to support all the hardware and software applications. TCL, therefore, offers Maintenance programs not just for its own equipment, but for any hardware and software that may be installed. TCL offers supporting for hardware and software in the month and year basis. TCL will propose cover with and without parts. 

Rental Computer and Peripherals:
TCL provides Computer Rental from Low End PCs Pentium, Pentium II, III up to 
File Server with the Multi Processor. Also provide with the Printer in Laser with color and dot matrix even the Network computer solution. TCL will have long time 1 year and short time 1 day up both outside and in our office. TCL also have Projector and Sound system equipments.

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