Our Products

Products available for rental
(256 MB, 40 GB, FDD, CD
Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Processor
NOTE 2.0 Pentium II Notebook
NOTE 3.0 Pentium III Notebook
PRL - 6L HP Laserjet 6L Printer
PRL-4050 HP Laserjet 4050 Printer
PRL-5000 HP Laserjet 5000 Printer
PRB-4TT GODEX Badge Printer
PRE-310 ELTON Badge Printer
MT-S17/S21 17” / 21” SVGA Monitor
MT-L15 15” Flat LCD Monitor
MT-L18 18” Flat LCD Monitor
MT-L20 20” Flat LCD Monitor
MT-P37 37” Plasma Display
MT-P42 42” Plasma Display
MT-P50 50” Plasma Display
VP-32 Slimline Video Projectionwall
NH-8/100 10/100 BaseT Hub (8Port)
NH-24/100 10/100 BaseT Hub (24Port)
VSP-102 VS 102 Video Splitter (2Output)
VSP-104 VS 104 Video Splitter (4Output)

Our Services


Setting up and installation of Full featured Desktop Computers, Notebooks, Printers and wide range of Display Monitors for Corporate Training, Events, Exhibitions, Seminars and Conferences. 

Setting up of Shared Internet Access and Local Area Network for registration, Showcase Web Products and Internet Lounge. 

Full on-site support and immediate response is alway part of our business 


Identify and recommend cost effective systems to improve productivity. 


Setting up of client/server environment, Local Area Network for internal sharing of resources and files, such as application, printers and Data etc. 


Setting up of Shared Internet Access plan within Company at a cost effective way. 


We also provide maintenance contracts and helpdesk services.

Company Profile

TCL Co.,Ltd. was incorporated in Thailand in 1985 as a company in the business of providing rental of computers, monitors, printers, notebooks, accessories and setting up of network for shared internet access, registration, for conferences, seminars, exhibitions, corporate events and training.

Due to the demand and support of our regular customers, we have also expand into providing services for consultation in office automation projects, network solutions and maintenance contracts. 

TCL Co., Ltd. mission is to position itself as a specialized company providing advance “Information Technology” equipment including network solutions plus good services to delight our customers in niche markets. We not only hope to be a supplier but also a partner who are able to meet and exceed the requirement of our Customers’ continuous growth.

Our Portfolio

Corporate Sector

 - We are currently servicing MNCs and Local SME for their training requirement. We provided rental of equipment, setting up of the network and loading of specialized software.

Events and Exhibitions

 - We are providing systems, support and set up for registrations, internet Lounge and setting up secretariat rooms to Exhibition and Event Organisers.

 - We are also appointed as Official Computer and Audio Visual Equipment Supplier for Trade Shows and Exhibition held in Thailand.

Computer Desktop

Laptop Computer

Laser Printer

LCD Projector

Plasma Monitor

LCD Monitor

More Rental (Call me at 0-2621-7878 Ext.31, 32, 36)
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